Monday, December 12, 2011

"Working" Class

The thing I love about teaching this 
class is that it "works" for everyone.

The eight artists
who invited me to give a class today 
have been meeting every Monday for five years.
They are at all different levels and most of them use acrylics. 
They are a truly dynamic and talented group 
and I was thrilled to be with them today.  

I set up a very simple still life
and used a spot light 
(to exaggerate the lesson on VALUE!) 
I did this quick demo using a large brush 
and thick paint, 
to lay in the big dark and light value shapes. 

Then I set the timer and they were off!

The other four did this set up. 

 More wonderful results! 

For most, this approach is totally different 
from anything they have ever done before.
So during the critique at the end of the class
I like to ask if they will use what they have learned
next time they paint.
Most say yes without hesitation!

That is all I need to hear!
Many thanks to Susan Guest McPhail  and
Judith Schroeter
for making this happen!


  1. I know they were thrilled to have you too! I like that it can work for everyone too!

  2. Looks like such what you simple