Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting in the Spirit

It seems rather odd getting the holiday decorations out 
when it's 65 degrees outside! 
I was having a hard time "getting in the spirit" this week,
until I had my art class with the Alzheimer patients yesterday! 
"Christmas Collage"
by Millie
I invite you to visit my other blog
to see the amazing work they do! 

That will get you in the spirit, for sure! 


  1. I love that blog and appreciate the time you spend. I love what you put about you have learned it is the being together and sharing that is important...Thanks!

  2. This really does it for me, seeing the love and care you are giving these folks. I wish my mom could have had something like this when she was in the long goodbye period of her Alzheimers. Hugs to you, Nancy!