Monday, December 26, 2011

A Sense of Place

As a participating student in the Karin Jurick 
 field expedition to New York City last year, 
the Sedona Arts Center invited me to
 "choose a piece of work that exemplifies the "sense of place" 
related to the expedition I experienced."
This was a scene right across the street from our class! 

Outside the Guggenheim
8 x 10 

I started this on the last day and didn't get to finish it.
So today I got out my KJ brushes and colors 
and tweeked it.  

Outside the Guggenheim 
8 x 10 

This will be part of the
"A Sense of Place" 
exhibition at the Sedona Arts Center from Jan 25 - Feb 14 


  1. What an honor to be asked to put a piece of artwork in their exhibition! Congrats:) Love the piece you choose and really nice changes you made to finish it up.

  2. I love it too. Congrats N..and I also love the title of the show. A sense of place.

  3. Thanks guys! FYI: I'm pretty sure everyone who took the workshop was asked!