Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Gift

A few years ago, the art consultant 
for the new Dana Farber Cancer Center 
at the South Shore Hospital
purchased a dozen paintings of mine 
to hang in the "chemo bays."
This is one of them:
8 x 10 

A few days ago, I received this e-mail:

Dear Nancy,
 My name is Sandra, and I just had my first chemotherapy treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Center.  I enjoyed your painting entitled STAY,,,of that lovely little dog! :))) As I sat in my chair, I watched your painting as the sun moved across it changing the colors and enhancing the brush strokes...from a bright early morning sun ...to late afternoon golden glow. I have been very sick 
and have not been able to paint in a long time... it gave me hope and inspiration as well... It truly made my day and I just wanted to say Thank you Nancy :)

Needless to say, I could sell a thousand paintings 
and it wouldn't mean as much as that. 
Artist and life coach, Liz Wiltzen, says it all in her latest post. 
Click here to read it. 


  1. Nancy Colella. doing what you love while sending so much love, compassion and inspiration to so many..that includes me Babe..

  2. That's really sweet also a wonderful painting!! What you're doing is so inspirational and I love the '10 girls that wanna paint' that's really good!! Thank you for commenting on my blog, good luck with 2012!!