Friday, December 9, 2011

Routine out of order

This time of the year is tough on artists.
Our routine is put out of order!  
I, for one, have been working on commissions. 
(which I enjoy but I get a bit stifled and cramped.) 
I took today off and went to the Museum of Fine Arts 
with some of my artist pals. 

Stephanie, Sally, Patty
This is "Night", part of the two Night and Day larger-than-life sculptures
 created by renowned Spanish artist Antonio Lopez Garcia. 
The sculptures are fondly known as Boston's "baby heads." 

We saw a lot of great art, had some laughs and got inspired.
I highly recommend viewing art 
as an anecdote to the stress of the holiday season! 

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  1. Good to do. I went a few weeks ago to see the Degas exhibit, wonderful show.